Friday, 4 June 2010

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BODY - a poem about the body, on your body, about the pleasures and pains of the flesh, showing FLESH: underwear, lingerie, fetish, sexy, nude (suggestions: proud of your body? ashamed of it? what part of your body are you most happy or unhappy with? how about a poem written on your skin? your healthy body... your ailing body... a decorated body... a modified body... a natural body... share with us a sex experience... interpret "sexy" as it best suits you... go as bare as you dare... )

SOUL - a spiritual or religious-themed poem wearing all WHITE - well, you can wear black if you're Wicca & if you are an atheist, we will also want to hear from you (suggestions: are you spiritual? do you believe in a divinity or the after life? is religion important in your life? are you an atheist? agnostic? how do you experience religion in connection with your sexuality? do you find religion goes against it? or do religion and sexuality go hand in hand in your life?

- employment-related poem in OCCUPATIONAL GEAR...., about any job, not necessarily one's everyday job, but words and attire must be related
(suggestions: a poem about your everyday job... about the job you lost... about your dream job... about a job you love... a job you hate... a job you like fantasising about... a job with a cool uniform...)

WIG-A-POEM - a poem about any subject, but you must wear a WIG, which will complement and accessorize your words (just make sure the wig is fab.... and if you forget to bring one.... there will be wigs available on the stage for you to borrow on the night...)

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