Thursday, 1 May 2008

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LOVE poem - in RED
(Competing poets must be wearing at least one essential item featuring the color red and read a love poem)

LOSS poem - in BLUE
(Competing poets must be wearing at least one essential item featuring the color blue and read a poem about loss)

(Competing poets must read an erotic poem in sexy underwear, lingerie, or less - nudity & props more than welcome)

WIG-a-poem - wearing a WIG
(Competing poets must feature a fabulous wig while reading a poem about any topic)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Glam Slam in NEW YORK (NY)

From Emanuel Xavier's blog:
"Dear friends:
As you may have already heard, after ten wonderful years, I am putting together THE HOUSE OF XAVIER'S ULTIMATE GLAM SLAM: Bowing Out After A Decade sponsored by HX on Wednesday, June 25 at Bowery Poetry Club.
It has been a great journey launching the House of Xavier and creating the Glam Slam.  I've learned a lot throughout the years and there are so many people to thank for supporting this event, especially Mother Diva Xavier, who always stood by me and hosted the competition.  Ideally, I had wanted to bring together the NYC ballroom community and the slam poetry scene together for an event celebrating both cultures and hopefully providing another creative outlet.  In an ambitious move, it was slated as an annual alternative queer arts contribution held during Gay Pride Week.  It has struggled to remain relevant and survive during the last few years even while others tried to take credit for creating the event.  Therefore, after many unnecessary challenges and before it simply fades, I am saying goodbye to something I have been truly proud of which has provided a genuine platform for many aspiring artists.
This event has meant a lot, not only to those involved, but to many others who have admired it from afar.  So it is my pleasure to announce that the Glam Slam event will continue to inspire a new generation of spoken word artists - albeit, in another continent.  I have passed the reigns over with many blessings to Basque/Spanish performance poet, Ernesto Sarezale (, who will be bringing the Glam Slam competition to the visionary chaps over in none other than London.  THE GLAM SLAM (UK) will be making it's debut just one week after we close shop here in New York on Tuesday, July 1 at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (  Here's to the Brits carrying the torch for another ten years!
Drop by and say "Peace out!" on Wednesday, June 25th in NYC and, if possible, "Cheers!" on Tuesday, July 1st in London!
Peace always,
Emanuel Xavier
" . . . our angels have wings too"
-emanuel xavier,