Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Categories - 2009

GLAD poem: happy, clappy words with lots of colour
(Competing poets must be wearing lots of colour; the brighter the colours, the better; no greys, browns or pale hues, please...)

DARK poem: depressive words of despair in black
(Competing poets must be wearing black or dark colours; the darker the clothes - and the words - the better)

SHAG poem: sexy words performed sexily
(Competing poets must be in sexy attire, lingerie, fetish, or nude; the more they reveal of their body - and soul - the better; why not have the poem written on the skin, for example?)

DRAG poem: gender-bending words in drag
(Competing poets must be wearing outfits associated with a sex different from their own, however they define it, preferably with a gender-bending theme)

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